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Customized media furniture since 1991

inobjekt stands for individual media furniture since 1991. In addition to high-quality workmanship and high functionality, the adaptability to the needs of users and flexibility is a unique selling point of inobjekt. We integrate your desired media technology in a visually appealing and user-friendly way into conference room furniture, lecture hall furniture and school furniture.

Our „Education“ division includes individual media furniture for digital teaching in schools, universities and other educational institutions. We integrate your media technology into teacher’s desks, lecturer’s desks and other media furniture in a user-friendly and ergonomic way that is as theft- and vandal-proof as possible.

Good media technology equipment is indispensable in schools and universities. Technical devices such as interactive pen displays, document cameras, PCs, bring-your-own-device solutions and media controls are being used more and more frequently in the classroom. These need to be housed in a user-friendly manner as well as in a theft- and vandal-proof manner to ensure smooth digital instruction. Interactive teacher desks, lecturer workstations and lecture hall desks are thus becoming indispensable.

The center of the digital classroom

Individual teacher desks

Teacher desks are a central part of the classroom and digital teaching. A good teacher workstation integrates (interactive) displays, document cameras, BYOD solutions and other devices in a user-friendly way, but also protected against theft and vandalism. We offer customizable solutions for all types of schools.

Lehrertisch ino.basic
Height-adjustable teacher and lecturer workstation


Our teacher’s desk or lecturer’s workstation ino.basic convinces with its diverse equipment options. (Interactive) displays, document cameras and other technical devices are integrated in a user-friendly way. With the electromotive height adjustment, the table enables ergonomically comfortable teaching.

Height-adjustable teacher and lecturer workstation


Our teacher’s desk or lecturer’s workstation ino.desk stands for maximum flexibility for teachers and lecturers. The height-adjustable media desk offers storage space for permanently integrated technology such as document cameras, playback devices or media controls. At the same time, it enables and promotes the use of BYOD devices such as notebooks, smartphones or tablets.

Height-adjustable teacher and lecturer workstation


Our teacher’s desk or lecturer’s workstation ino.vation convinces with the safe accommodation of all devices. (Interactive) display, document camera, computer and other technology is integrated safely. With the electromotive height adjustment, the table enables ergonomically comfortable teaching.

Theft- and vandalism-proof: lockability of all devices

ino.teach II

Our teacher’s desk or lecturer’s workstation ino.teach II stands for the safe storage and locking of all technical equipment. The height-adjustable display is concealed by the sliding panel on the side, which is also a work surface. The document camera also remains connected and is stowed in its own compartment.

For seminar rooms and lecture halls up to the Audimax

Individual lecturer desks

Lecturer desks and lecturer workstations for universities must integrate media technology in a user-friendly way and also protect it from theft and vandalism. In addition, they must meet spatial and didactic requirements. We offer individually adaptable solutions for seminar rooms and lecture halls up to the Audimax.

Lecture hall desk with side pullouts


Our teach.education lectern stores all technical equipment in a theft-proof and vandal-proof manner. The side pull-outs provide secure storage space for document cameras and notebooks. In the upper area, there is sufficient space for an (interactive) display, which can be closed via a cover plate if required.

Height adjustable auditorium desk


With its electromotive height adjustment, the teach.uno lecturer’s desk offers optimal conditions for ergonomically comfortable teaching. The technology cabinet and the side pull-out for visualizers provide storage space for various devices. The sliding panel conceals and securely closes the (interactive) display.

For seminar rooms and lecture halls up to the Audimax


In addition to enormous storage space for media technology of all kinds, our teach.duo lecturer’s desk also offers the best conditions for successful digital teaching: The (interactive) display and the document camera are securely closed by sliding panels on the sides. The electric height adjustment ensures a comfortable working height.

Accessible lecture hall desk


Our teach.ruota is a wheelchair accessible lecturer’s desk. The seat niche is optionally located on the left or right, a technical cabinet on the other side. Due to the electric height adjustment, the lecturer’s workstation can be used comfortably both sitting and standing.

Height adjustable lecturer desk with lecturer workstation


Our lectern teach.magna consists of two parts: A lecturer’s desk with a fixed outer corpus and an electrically height-adjustable technology module. In addition to the technology cabinet and display holder, the latter also offers a side pull-out for the document camera. Next to it is an attached lecturer’s workstation.

Individual media trolleys and media cabinets for digital teaching

Individual media trolleys and media cabinets

Media trolleys and media cabinets provide additional storage space for media technology and teaching materials. They serve, for example, as a supplement to teacher desks and offer a high degree of flexibility within the learning space or the entire building. Media trolleys are also ideally suited for hybrid teaching to accommodate large displays and cameras.

Our recommendation

Wacom DTH-2452

With the Wacom DTH-2452 interactive pen and finger touch display you teach permanently facing your audience. 2048 pressure levels provide a writing feeling like on paper. Work on your computer without licensing costs. inobjekt integrates the display in a user-friendly and theft-proof manner into teacher and lecturer workstations..

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