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Header: Conference table with connection panel, media control, keyboard and catering in a conference room.

Individual conference tables

Individual conference tables for offices and conference rooms are part of our wide range of services. Table connection panels and technical equipment are optimally integrated to ensure smooth meetings and video conferences. Various colours, shapes and sizes enable suitable solutions for any room.

Individual meeting tables as the perfect place for meetings and video conferences

Conference tables play a central role in offices and meeting rooms and are crucial for successful meetings, presentations and collaborative projects. Choosing the right conference table can have a significant impact on the productivity and well-being of participants. Therefore, it is important to choose a table that meets the requirements both functionally and aesthetically.

The ideal conference table should not only be functional, but also create an inviting and representative atmosphere. It is the heart of the meeting room and serves as a central meeting point for discussions and exchange of ideas. Therefore, it is important that it both inspires the team and supports the professional impression of your business premises.

Flexibility, comfort and ergonomics for long sessions

Furthermore, flexibility in the size of the conference table is of great importance. Whether for small team meetings or for larger conferences, a customised conference table can be adapted to the number of participants and the room conditions to ensure optimal use of space.

Longer meetings require a high level of comfort to maintain the concentration and efficiency of the participants. Choosing the right table shape and considering ergonomic aspects are crucial to ensure a comfortable sitting position and prevent fatigue.

Conference table with integrated connection panels for media controls, playback devices, etc.
Conference table with integrated connection panels for media controls, playback devices, etc. as well as media wall for video conferences

Visually appealing and safe integration of media technology

In today's digitalised working world, the integration of technology into the conference table is essential. Cable routing systems and integrated connections for power supply and data transmission enable smooth use of presentation devices and electronic gadgets. Optimal integration of table connection panels, cables and devices (e.g. for bring-your-own-device or video conferencing) becomes necessary. Orderly cable management under the table should also be a matter of course. This way, the table remains tidy and still offers all the necessary technical possibilities for productive meetings. Either completely in person on site, in the form of video conferences or hybrid meetings.

inobjekt - your expert for individual conference tables

inobjekt stands for appropriate integration. We offer you over 30 years of experience and know-how in the design and manufacture of individual conference tables. Individual concepts or adaptations to spatial conditions and the type of use, e.g. through different colours, shapes and sizes, are a matter of course for us.

With our many years of experience at inobjekt, we are your competent partner for the design and manufacture of customised conference tables. Our furniture concepts are individually tailored to your needs and room conditions. From the selection of high-quality materials to the integration of state-of-the-art technology, we place great emphasis on quality and precision.

Together we will develop a conference table that is not only functional, but also reflects the character of your company and creates an inspiring working environment. With our customised conference tables, you are well equipped to organise meetings and conferences at the highest level and successfully pursue your business goals. With our Planning Service we are also happy to support you with the complete conception of conference and seminar rooms.

Personal advice for your individual concept

We are happy to advise you!