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Lecturer's desk teach.duo

In addition to enormous storage space for media technology of all kinds, our teach.duo lecturer's desk also offers the best conditions for successful digital teaching: the (interactive) display and the document camera are securely closed by sliding panels on the sides. The electric height adjustment ensures a comfortable working height.

Lecturer's desk as media desk for large lecture halls up to the Audimax

Our teach.duo lecturer's desk is ideally suited as a media desk for the large lecture halls in colleges and universities. The electromotive height adjustment of all work surfaces ensures ergonomically comfortable teaching and learning conditions for lecturers and students.

The sliding panels on the sides conceal and close media technology devices such as (interactive) displays, document cameras or media controls. In addition, they also serve as an extended work surface and floor space for devices such as notebooks that you bring along. Corresponding devices can be combined and arranged according to your wishes.

The technology cabinet of the lecture hall desk offers space for up to 18U media technology and installation technology through a double 19" rack. Lateral slide-in doors also ensure optimal working conditions for installation and revision for the media technicians on site.

Individual adaptations to the media technology used and the spatial conditions in the seminar room or lecture hall are possible with all lecturer's desks from inobjekt.

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