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Individual media trolleys and media cabinets for digital teaching

Media trolleys and media cabinets provide additional storage space for media technology and teaching materials. They serve as a supplement to teacher desks, for example, and offer a high degree of flexibility within the learning space or the entire building. Media trolleys are also ideal for hybrid teaching, accommodating large displays and cameras.

ino.tower - As a media trolley or media cabinet for the optimal integration of media technology

The ino.tower can be used as a media cabinet on a base or as a media trolley on castors. A technology cabinet in the lower part offers sufficient storage space, e.g. for a permanently integrated PC and other media technology such as media controls. An open compartment above provides sufficient storage space for teaching materials or for charging devices such as smartphones.

The ino.tower (variant 1) with castors as a media trolley
The ino.tower (variant 1) with base as media cabinet

In the upper part there is a storage compartment for document cameras, sufficiently large for all common models in the education sector. In addition, there is sufficient storage space in front of it for exhibits (up to A3) or devices brought along such as tablets. When closed, a sliding panel on the side serves to integrate the media technology used in a way that is safe from theft and vandalism, and when open it serves as an extended work and storage surface.

A side pull-out serves to integrate notebooks or tablets. It doesn't matter whether these are to remain permanently in the furniture or are brought into the classroom by the teacher according to the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) principle.

The integration of individually configurable connection options, socket strips and cable outlets rounds off the media furniture. Thermal relief is provided by sophisticated ventilation.

inobjekt media trolley ino.tower (version 1) with side pull-out for notebook, tablet or interactive display. Top side sliding shelf with insertion compartment for document camera. Underneath, open compartment and technology cabinet, e.g. for integrated media technology or teaching materials.

ino.tower - Different basic variants and customisation options for every learning space

Different basic design variants ensure the right configuration of the media trolley or media cabinet in every classroom:

ino.tower variant 2: Open compartment, drawer and door
ino.tower variant 3: Two drawers and door
ino.tower variant 4: Two doors
ino.tower variant 5: Four open compartments

Like all media furniture from inobjekt, the ino.tower can also be adapted to individual requirements and room conditions. For example, we can create extended front panels or adapt the colour of the media trolley or media cabinet to match the classroom furniture. The individual positioning of cable outlets or connection panels is also a matter of course for us.

ino.tower variant 1 as an auxiliary media cabinet with extended front panel
ino.tower variant 1 media trolley in two-colour version

ino.caddy - media trolley to complement an existing table

The inobjekt media trolley ino.caddy finds its place in rooms that need to be changed over quickly. For example, in conference and seminar rooms in hotels. The mobile media furniture complements an existing table and expands it with freely configurable connection panels and further media technology.

Media trolley ino.caddy - front view
Media trolley ino.caddy - rear view
Media trolley ino.caddy - close-up view moved over a table. Integrated connection panels and cable outlets.

Media trolley to accommodate large displays and video conference cameras - optimal for hybrid teaching

Media trolleys for large displays and video conference cameras have always been among inobjekt's strengths. In recent years, these have become an important instrument for the implementation of hybrid teaching, especially in universities. We would be happy to work with you to develop a concept that suits your needs. Take a look at our media columns.

Media trolley with display, video conference camera and media control system
Media trolley for display, video conference camera and media control
Media trolley for double display, video conference camera and media control
Media trolley for display

Media trolley for holding projectors

Media trolleys for holding projectors find their place in educational institutions, but also in conference and seminar rooms. In addition to projectors, other media technology such as notebooks or document cameras can also be integrated.

Media trolley with projector and side pull-out with notebook
Media trolley for projector with side pull-out for notebook or document camera
Media trolley with projector and ventilation grilles
Media trolley for projector with ventilation grilles

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Our brochure EDUCATION 2023 shows on 28 pages compactly the customisable media tables and media lecterns from inobjekt. Download your digital version directly here.

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