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Individual lecterns for
seminar rooms and lecture halls

Lecturers' desks and lecturers' workstations for universities must integrate media technology in a user-friendly way and also protect them against theft and vandalism. In addition, they must meet room and didactic requirements. We offer individually adaptable media desks for seminar rooms and lecture halls up to the Audimax.

Lecturers' desks for successful digital teaching - in the lecture hall, for distance learning and hybrid teaching

Media technology plays an indispensable role in modern colleges and universities. (Interactive) displays, document cameras, PCs, bring-your-own-device solutions and media controls are now standard in teaching. To ensure smooth lecture operations, it is crucial to integrate these technical devices into lecturers' desks and lecture halls in a user-friendly and secure manner. In this way, we support universities in creating optimal conditions for digital teaching in the lecture hall, for distance learning and for hybrid teaching. At the same time, the inobjekt media desks contribute to the longevity of the media technology used and thus also to sustainability in everyday university life.

Of course, we also offer appropriate side furniture for distance learning and hybrid teaching. In today's educational landscape, these teaching formats are becoming increasingly important. To meet the demands of flexible teaching models, we have developed specially designed side furniture that allows for seamless integration of media technology and provides instructors with a flexible solution for delivering distance and hybrid teaching. These pieces of furniture are mobile and easy to move, so they can easily be used in different teaching scenarios.

Electromotive height adjustment: ergonomics and inclusion

The electromotive height adjustment of the lecturers' desks is standard in almost all basic inobjekt models, as we consider this to be crucial for ergonomics and inclusion. Through individual adjustment, lecturers can teach in an ergonomically optimal way and avoid possible discomfort. In addition, accessibility promotes the participation of teachers with special needs and creates an inclusive learning environment for all students. Our lecturers' desks provide this comfort and help to ensure enriching and accessible teaching at colleges and universities.

Our lecturers' desks for digital teaching

Our customised lecterns and lecture desks are developed in close cooperation with our customers. We take into account both visual and functional aspects in order to meet individual needs, the media technology used and the spatial conditions on site. In this way, we create customised media furniture concepts that enable successful digital teaching.

Discover a selection of our individual furniture concepts for lecture desks and lecturer workstations here, which we have successfully developed in cooperation with renowned universities. Our solutions are designed to meet the requirements of modern university teaching and to create optimal teaching and learning conditions.

Navigation to the lectern
Lecture desk with side pull-outs

Media lectern

Our lectern stores all technical equipment in a theft-proof and vandal-proof way. The side pull-outs provide secure storage space for document cameras and notebooks. In the upper area, there is enough space for an (interactive) display, which can be closed via a cover plate if required.

Navigation to the media lectern
Height-adjustable lecture theatre desk

Media lectern

With its electromotive height adjustment, the lecturer's desk offers optimal conditions for ergonomically comfortable teaching. The technology cabinet and the side pull-out for visualisers provide storage space for various devices. The sliding panel covers and safely closes the (interactive) display.

Navigation to the teach.duo lectern
For seminar rooms and lecture halls up to the Audimax

Lecturer's desk teach.duo

In addition to enormous storage space for media technology of all kinds, our teach.duo lecturer's desk also offers the best conditions for successful digital teaching: the (interactive) display and the document camera are securely closed by sliding panels on the sides. The electric height adjustment ensures a comfortable working height.

Navigation to the lecturer's desk teach.ruota
Barrier-free lecture hall desk

Lecturer's desk teach.ruota

Our teach.ruota is a wheelchair accessible lecturer's desk. The seating niche is optionally on the left or right, with a technology cabinet on the other side. The electrical height adjustment makes the lecturer's workstation comfortable to use both sitting and standing.

Navigation to the lecturer's desk teach.magna
Height-adjustable lecturer's desk with lecturer's workstation

Lecturer's desk teach.magna

Our lectern teach.magna consists of two parts: A lecturer's desk with a fixed outer corpus and an electrically height-adjustable technology module. In addition to the technology cabinet and display holder, this also offers a side pull-out for the document camera. Next to it is an attached lecturer's workstation.

Media desk ino.vation
Further furniture concepts for digital teaching

Individual teacher desks for successful digital teaching

In addition to lecterns, teacher's desks or media tables are also a focus of inobjekt's activities. Take a look at our media desks here, which are particularly suitable for classrooms or smaller seminar rooms.

Navigation to the Wacom DTH-2452 Display
Our equipment recommendation

Wacom DTH-2452

With the interactive pen and finger touch display Wacom DTH-2452 you teach from the media desk permanently facing your audience. 2048 levels of pressure provide a paper-like writing experience. Work without licence costs on your computer. inobjekt integrates the display in a user-friendly and theft-proof way into teacher's desks and lecterns.

inobjekt Brochure Education 2023 - English PDF Download
Our brochure for download


Our brochure EDUCATION 2023 shows on 28 pages compactly the customisable media tables and media lecterns from inobjekt. Download your digital version directly here.

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