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Lecturer's desk teach.ruota

Our teach.ruota is a wheelchair accessible lecturer's desk. The seating niche is optionally on the left or right, with a technology cabinet on the other side. The electrical height adjustment makes the lecturer's workstation comfortable to use both sitting and standing.

Barrier-free lecturer's desk as a media desk for universities

Our Lecturer's desk teach.ruota is a wheelchair accessible sitting and standing workstation with electromotive height adjustment for ergonomically comfortable teaching. The seating niche is optionally located on the user's left or right. Above it, there is sufficient space for a (interactive) displaykeyboard, mouse, media controls and connection panels are provided. On the other side is a technical cabinet with storage space for nine height units of installation technology. The lecturer's desk is thus a real media desk for colleges and universities.

Space is also provided in the tabletop above for signal management or an installation module. A sliding panel on the side conceals and closes the corresponding media technology, protecting it from theft and vandalism. The lecturer's desk is both mobile on swivel castors and base-mounted.

Individual adaptations to spatial conditions, the media technology used as well as specific requirements are possible, as with all Media tables and desks of inobjekt possible.

With the lecture theatre desk, optimal teaching and learning conditions for digital university teaching can be created, which are wheelchair-friendly and also serve inclusion.

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