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Media wall led.wall

The led.wall media wall is the prestigious solution for integrating displays and LED panels of any size. Customised configurations, sizes and designs make it the ideal solution for conference and seminar rooms, foyers and lecture halls.

Representative media wall for any image size

Developments in media technology are leading to new sizes of displays and LED panels. Image formats are also changing. No problem for inobjekt: the led.wall media wall adapts easily to any image size and format, making it the ideal solution for any type of room and application. In companies, for example, it finds its place in conference rooms and foyers. But customised media walls are also increasingly in demand in colleges and universities, providing a visual highlight in seminar rooms and lecture theatres.

Visual highlight & secure storage of media technology

Individual colours and designs to suit every room make the media wall a visual highlight. An optional loudspeaker cabinet on the side with high-quality loudspeaker fabric can be used as a visual accent if desired

In addition to loudspeakers, the led.wall also offers optimum conditions for the attractive and secure integration of media technology for any application: for example, rails for 19″ racks and video conferencing modules can be added. Sections of the media wall can be equipped with a separate lock and thus only made accessible to authorised persons.

It also goes without saying that inobjekt takes into account controlled ventilation and extraction as well as installation and inspection conditions for media technicians.

Personal advice for your individual concept

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